How to apply

Enrolment Procedure for Nursery and School

Parents are invited to register their child for Nursery and School as early as possible. We believe it is important to develop partnerships between parents and school, so we welcome and encourage you to make an appointment to meet the Head teacher and have a tour and chat about our school as early as possible.



For a place in a states nursery you may apply to any school you wish and you will be asked by the school to complete a standard application form (available from school or download an application from

You should complete only 1 form for your child even if you want to apply for more than one Nursery.

The allocation of  places is made centrally by the Education Department and is based on the information you provide on your application. Your details are held at school and passed on to the Education Department at the beginning of the calendar year of the September intake – not all primary schools have nurseries. Places are not guaranteed.

If you have been successful in your application you will then be asked if you would like to purchase extra sessions over and above the 20 hours.


Applying for additional States’ primary nursery hours

All applications must be made using the online form available at:- . The application will be considered by the Education Department and maybe be referred to the ‘Nursery Panel’ for consideration. Parents and schools will be informed by email once a decision is made.


Before you complete this form, your child must have been offered a place or be in a nursery class, at a States’ primary school.


You’ll need an email address to complete this form. If you don’t have one, contact your nursery school and they’ll help you to complete it.


Buy additional hours

After completing this form you’ll be emailed a Direct Debit form. Print this off and send it to the States’ Treasury as per the instructions.


Claim for free additional hours through income support

You can apply for free additional hours if you are parents / guardians who work and are on income support. You’ll need to provide your Social Security number when you make your application.


Claim for free additional hours for other reasons

Your teacher, keyworker or supporting agency must apply on your behalf. Examples of other reasons:

  • your child has a social, educational or emotional need or a physical or medical condition, including disability, which impacts on their education
  • your family has particular challenges, such as brothers or sisters with special needs, multiple births, parental / guardian illness



School applications should be made to the school in your catchment area – if you are not sure if you are in the Grands Vaux catchment please ask here at school or go to for further information.

Registration needs to take place before 1st December in the year before your child is due to start reception class; application forms are available from school or the website. The school will write to you in the December the year before your child is due to start reception class, enclosing an admissions form. You can change your choice of school at this stage by indicating your preferred choice on this form. You must return the admissions form to your catchment school, even if this is not your first choice school, this is to ensure your child is registered for reception class the following September.

You will be notified of an offer by the Education Department of a reception place for your child in the proceeding March before starting in the September. The allocations for all non-fee paying primary schools are undertaken by the Education Department following set criteria, priority is given in the order detailed below, to pupils who:-


1. have siblings in the school

2. are living in the catchment area

3. have a special reason for wishing to attend a specific primary school