The Education Department have a scheme called Jersey Premium. The scheme is to help children get the best from their education.

Since January 2017 schools have been in receipt of extra funding for pupils who meet specified criteria.


Eligibility for Jersey Premium

Government of Jersey fee-paying and non-fee-paying schools and colleges receive extra funding on a per pupil basis as follows:

1. Pupils who are or have ever been Children Looked After

2. Pupils from households which have recently claimed Income Support

3. Pupils from households with ‘Registered’ status that would qualify to claim Income Support if they had lived in Jersey for five years


Recently arrived children

If you think your family would qualify for Income Support however you haven’t lived in the Island for five years, you can find out if your child is eligible for Jersey Premium by completing the form that can be accessed following the link below. Fact sheets on the Jersey Premium Targeted Programme Funding  can also be accessed here: