At Grands Vaux we celebrate Positive Behaviour. We purposefully look out for pupils who are making good choices. To be a legend though we are looking for children who go the extra mile; those who go beyond expectations. Below you can see those children that have been awarded with legendary status. They should feel extremely proud of themselves as we are proud of what they have achieved.

Autumn Term 2017 Legends

22nd September 2017 Legends- The First Inductees

10th November 2017 Legends- The Biggest Load Yet

24th November 2017 Legends- They keep on coming!

13th October 2017 Legends- The Second Batch

17th November 2017 Legends- The chosen few!

The Final Legends of 2017!

Spring Term 2018 Legends

9th January 2018 Legends- The first of the New Year

26th January 2018 Legends- A very smiley bunch