What is the PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, is a charitable organisation that supports and enhances the school, for the benefit of the children.  The PTA plans and organises a wide variety of fundraising activities and events to provide additional resources that the school might  otherwise not be able to afford.  In addition, the  PTA is also a community organisation and organises social events for the children and parents that bring our community together.

Who are the PTA ?

All parents, guardians and teachers of pupils at Grands Vaux School are members of the PTA.  The PTA is organised by a central Committee.  At our Annual General Meeting we either confirm our Committee members and elect new ones as needed.

Our aim is to have a parent from every class, from Nursery to Year 6, to act as a class representative on the Committee and to make sure all views are represented.

In addition to the parents on the Committee the Headteacher is the President, and a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Management Team takes on the role of Vice President.

PTA Committee

PTA President

Miss. M. McCool

PTA Chair

Mrs. Kate Serinet

PTA Vice President

Mr. J Hazley

PTA Vice Chair

Mrs. Michelle Da Silva