READING, READING, READING! The most important part of learning to read is learning to love reading! We aim to inspire a ‘love of reading’ at Grands Vaux empowering pupils to both read for pleasure and to use their reading skills to open all other learning and life opportunities.  Pupils need to leave our school as fluent readers who are able to comprehend what they have read to a high standard and as stated in the curriculum ‘that, by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education’. To ensure children achieve their full potential as a reader however we must have your support.  Research proves that children who are read to and with at home are statistically more likely to progress more successfully in their education. Reading is like running – it needs practise to master and love! You taking an interest through encouraging, hearing and discussing your child’s reading with them is essential even if they are a fluent reader.

What books should my child be reading?

How can I best support my child at home?

Teacher Recommended Websites

3-7 year olds
8-11 year olds

Teacher Recommended Apps

Nosy Crow App
Hairy Phonics App
Reading is like running – you need to put in the practise to master it and to love it.