CONTEXT– Staff have been involved throughout the process and are fully committed to improving the quality teaching and learning in the school to improve overall outcomes for all children. Outcomes of the data from 2016- 2017, parental feedback and consultation with the published Jersey School’s Review Framework have been taken into account to inform the strategic direction and school development for this academic year.

Areas for Improvement

Area 1- Teaching, Learning and Assessment: To raise standards to achieve improved outcomes for children

This area will incorporate the following points from the areas for improvement

  1. To review lesson content so that lessons deepen understanding, expectations are high, there is an element of challenge for all abilities and outcomes are therefore improved for all children
  2. To review and enhance our provision for under achieving pupils so that the attainment gaps in each year group are closed
  3. To introduce SIM’s across Key Stage 1 and 2 and EXXAT Module 1 in the Foundation Stage. as assessment and tracking tools


Area 2- Effectiveness of Leadership and Management: To address the quality of teaching, engaging all stakeholders, ensuring high expectations and aspirations result in enhanced school improvement and progress for all pupils.

This area will incorporate the following points from the areas for improvement

  1. The pursuit of excellence for all pupils to successfully create a culture of high expectations, aspirations and scholastic excellence
  2. Parents and carers have a greater engagement with their child’s learning and with the school
  3. To review and streamline the extensive and thorough “recording and reporting” procedures in school
  4. To ensure that the newly designed and implemented Subject Leadership Programme has capacity and sustainability whilst promoting a broad and balanced curriculum across the range of curricular subjects
  5. To review the school behaviour policy and procedures to ensure that they are visual, they are consistent across the school and promote a positive working environment throughout the school
  6. To review the school’s CPD requirements and track all CPD using