The school was reviewed as part of the Pilot of the Jersey Evaluation and Review Framework in February 2018, outcomes and recommendations have shaped elements of the School Development Plan.  Staff have been involved throughout the process and are fully committed to improving the quality teaching and learning in the school to improve overall outcomes for all children. Outcomes of data analysis from 2018- 2019, pupil, parental and staff feedback and consultation with the updated Jersey School’s Review Framework have been taken into account to inform the strategic direction and school development for this academic year.

Areas of Focus

Curriculum – To establish a Grands Vaux Curriculum that has a clear intent, consistent implementation and effective impact within an aspirationally high achievement culture.

Reading – Attainment in reading across the school is improved and progress accelerated so that the percentage of pupils meeting age-related expectations is in line/above the national average. The teaching of reading is at least consistently ‘good’ and frequently ‘outstanding’

Teaching and Learning – To ensure quality first wave teaching for all pupils.

Data Gaps – To review and enhance our provision for under achieving pupils so that the attainment gaps in each year group are closed, ensuring all pupils reach their potential and the school meets island averages including in depth.

Ethos – Establish and maintain an educational culture within our school that is mentally healthy. Supporting a cultural shift in ethos where the well-being of all is the highest priority.

Family engagement – Parents and carers have a greater engagement with their child’s learning and with the school